Jonathan Crémieux

Full-stack Software Developer

  • Docker
  • HTML5
  • Vue.js
  • React
  • Webpack
  • Processing

An Expert On Your Side

With over 10 years of experience working on a large spectrum of applications, from embedded systems to distributed web services, I have the skills and knowledge to help you realize your vision at any phase of your product lifecycle and at all levels of your technology stack.

I will not only turn your designs into code, but I can offer technical advice - from selecting the appropriate technologies and data models to planning the implementation into micro-tasks and suggest improvements that meet your budget.



Soft Radio 2013

Development of a firmware in C for the Arduino based embedded digital computer.

Mimodek 2010 - 2015

Design and software development of the rendering engine (Java) and the computer vision system (C++)

Connexity 2010

Implementation of a prototype for an interactive city planning tool (Java)

    Quality Matters

    Although it may seem like extra work, it is crucial to maintain a good documentation and a test-set as your application evolves and grows in complexity. This will ensure that new development efforts can be carried out without latent side effects, and future developers can easily follow and efficiently work on the code.

    If you value code quality standards, which I think any business operating software would, I will follow the guidelines already in place in your organisation. I can also help you improve this process if required.

    My GitHub account

    Hanna Martikainen, Producer at Isobar Finland

    Jonathan is a creative solution seeker who has an eye for design. He works hard to meet the schedules and proposes proactively alternative implementation methods when he sees the opportunity. He is a perfect developer from a non-technical producer point of view as he is able to explain his programs in a way that non-experts can easily understand. Jonathan is curious and a fast learner and if I would start my own company he would be the first developer I would contact.

    Lauri Kainulainen, Co-founder of lifelife

    I've worked with Jonathan in projects ranging from interactive installations to financial AI-systems. He's a talented, dedicated and independent craftsman who is easy to work with.

    Photo: Hendrik Bengtsson Dr. phil. Katharina Bredies, Senior Researcher at UDK Berlin

    Jonathan actually over-delivered by not only doing a great job on the required tasks – he also organized the code in such a way that we can easily re-use it in other projects. The application he developed was very robust and functional and performed really well during the event. I would not hesitate to work with Jonathan again in the future, and I keep on recommending his services to my colleagues.

    Sven Straubinger, Co-founder of Go—PopUp

    I had the pleasure of working directly with Jonathan during his time as a Software Engineer at Go—PopUp. He understands the value of quality code and he is driven by the idea to release valuable software. I personally like his constant pursuit of enhancement and self-education. He is an autodidactic learner and eager for continual improvement.

    Trans­parency And Communi­cation

    Software development is a social activity. Emails, Slack, Whatsapp, Skype or a good old phone call, I am happy communicating using any tool you are comfortable with.

    I am fluent in French (my mother tongue) and English.

    Before any work is carried out, we will agree on a fee. It can be per hour or a lump sum for a particular task. My invoices clearly state the work carried out and follow the guidelines given by the German tax authorities.

    I keep a meticulous log of my hours and completed tasks so I can always keep you updated on the progress.

    I have no issue with working remotely, but I can also work from your office if it is located in the Berlin city area. I am also up for travelling occasionally if your client needs further support.

    Sample invoice

    Let's get in touch!

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    My sincere apologies. - Jonathan Cremieux